Proudly made in the South African Sun!
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It all starts with love...
I love beautiful things! especially when they are made with love and by hand, by some-one who has a genuine talent. I grew up sitting on the floor of my mum's sewing room pinning things together, making crazy barbie outfits, fantasy animals and peg dolls - so I owe my passion for handmade goodies to my very talented mother!

Later, I studied graphic design in Durban, and launched myself into a career in the advertising industry, eventually building up a successful design business over 15 years of blood, sweat and many tears. The experience I gained while working in design and advertising across numerous local and international clients and brands was priceless. Design, fashion, art direction and styling remain
  my passion. I love the adrenalin rush, of looking through the camera whilst working with
very talented photographers, and creating world class images and design... But slowly, I
realised that I was no longer doing what was in my heart ~ I’ve always had an enormous
empathy for anyone less fortunate than me and into that category fall animals, children
and underprivileged anybodies. I felt led to share my passion and giftings with others to
help them to grow and have a sense of worth and achievement. Thus the birth of
hellooow handmade
and my range of products from South Africa,
my awesome home...

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